How To Choose The Best Shoes For Your Aging Feet 2022?

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How To Choose The Best Shoes For Your Ageing Feet?

Do You know how to choose the best shoes for your aging feet? When you grow, the shape of your feet also changes accordingly and you also look for the best shoes which are best suited for your feet but when you get old then you have to be more careful about choosing the best shoes for your aging feet.

The reason when a person gets old or has aging feet, it’s time that elderly people need to choose shoes more wisely because any wrong pickup could cost you injury which is not good for aging feet.

So now the question is how to choose the best shoes for your aging feet? and what are the features or points you have to consider before buying shoes for your aging feet?

Changes In Your Feet When It Ageing

Always remember your feet’ size and shape will change with your age as you grow, and your shoes will also change due to these changes. You have to be careful when choosing the shoes for your aging feet and you should know how to choose the best shoes for your aging feet.

Changes In Length And Width In Your Aging Feet

As you get old your feet’ length and width change, not the same as it was before at your young age. So it’s quite normal and common that your shoe size will increase or may have size or more.

So before choosing shoes for your aging feet re-measure your feet and choose the shoes according to the current condition and shape of your feet.

Swelling In Feet

 It might be possible you experience swelling in your feet or your ankle due to some health issue or medication. So better for you to go for a larger size of shoes and avoid wearing those shoes which you normally wear. It will prevent you from pain and injuries.

Natural Cushioning Of Your Footpad Get Thin

When you get old or your feet are aging, you would realize that at the bottom of your foot there is a footpad that is also getting loose and getting thin, so while walking you feel some pain or discomfort and sometimes feel fatigued. 

So always choose shoes for your aging feet with cushions or you can also use an insole to help your foot pad to prevent discomfort and fatigue it will give you support and comfort while walking.

Foot Problems Can Worsen

While getting old there are lots of changes happening and different conditions develop in your aging feet from time to time, like bunions or your toe getting bent permanently downward which is also called hammertoes too.

So you can face serious problems or injuries if you wear pointed-toe shoes, to prevent these issues choose with comfort and best suited for your aging feet.

Changes In Walking Style 

A picture of Changes In Walking Style showing difference between unsafe range and safe range of feet
Changes In Walking Style showing the difference between unsafe range and safe range of feet

Some medical conditions like Arthritis, neuropathy, and some other condition could affect your gait and will completely change your walking style. These problems will affect your walking speed which will cause you limp issues.

The reason for these issues is placing pressure on different areas of your foot which leads to your foot’s discomfort. Usually, gait changes develop after the age of 70 in most people.

So you have to be very careful and check properly and choose the shoes which keep your aging feet comfy and relaxed and you don’t feel any problem while walking in the shoe.

Foot Problems Due To Diabetes 

If you are a diabetic so you will face the loss of blood circulation and sensation in your feet, You need to be very conscious and be very careful while choosing a pair of shoes for your aging feet.

Always make sure before buying it that your shoes fit well and don’t rub which could cause a blister and can lead to infection.

Foot Balance Issues

As you get older your ability and balancing yourself gets reduced especially when you walk and you can get a slip or trip due to this.

So you have to choose the shoes for your aging feet which should be non-slip and should have a good support design that helps you and prevents you from any slip or trip while walking.

It’s kind of advice for aging feet when you go buying a pair of shoes. Always shop the time when your feet are a little more swollen and always wear the socks which will help you to get the correct fit.

Shoes Which Are Not Recommended For Your Aging Feet

Different types of shoes are not recommended for aging feet.

Shoes With Pointy-Toed

Picture of Shoes With Pointy Toe
Shoes With Pointy Toe

Always avoid buying shoes or boots with pointed toes because it causes sores and can injure your feet. Always go for shoes with proper square-toed which will give your toe some room and will keep it relaxed and comfortable while walking.

Shoes With High Heels Taller Than 2 1/4 inch

Picture of a Shoes High Heel
Shoes High Heel

If you are fond of wearing high heels shoes and you are an elderly person and have aging feet then your feet are at risk of injuries and could damage your ankle as well while walking. Always avoid shoes with a high and wider heel.

Non-Slip-Soled Shoes 

Picture of a shoes Slip Resistance sole
Slip Resistance sole

For the aging feet, a non-slip shoe is always advisable it will keep you away from falling or slipping while walking so buy shoes with nonslip soles.

Shoes With Low Back or Backless Clogs, Sandals

Picture of a Backless Shoes
Backless Shoes

Avoid buying shoes that have a low back or backless, clogs, or sandals. The reason, not recommend kinds of shoes for aging feet, is that they don’t have proper grip and are always on an incline while walking and it will affect your motion while walking too.

Always go for the shoes which should be comfortable having a padded back strap that keeps your feet in grip and fit. Avoid shoes or sandals which give you blister strap rub while walking.

Avoid Low Quality and Materials 

Never compromise on quality and comfort for your aging feet, always buy shoes with good support and structure, Even the slippers you wear around the house should have a firm sole and good quality.

No Thicker Rounded Sloe

Picture a No Thicker Rounded Sloe shoes
No Thicker Rounded Sloe shoes

For an aging foot, it’s never recommended to wear a shoe with a thicker sole and with rounded heels especially when you have difficulties in balancing your feet and your gaits are not steady or normal.

Never Use Old, Worn, or Out Shoes

As you have aging feet so you have to be more conscious about your shoes, never use a shoe that lost it’s cushioning and support. Avoid using worn shoes and always check your shoes when you notice if shoes are damaged from the upper or inside go for a new pair of shoes to avoid any injury.

Easy Slip-On Shoes

Picture of a person trying to wear Slip On Shoes
Slip-On Shoes

For an aging foot or elderly people always recommend choosing the shoes which should be easy to slip on, with a wide opening and easy fastening on both sides of the shoe will make it easy for elderly people to wear them.

No Laces

Some elderly people face difficulty bending their bodies and having arthritis while wearing and reaching their shoelaces so it’s advised to buy shoes with no lace. Velcro shoes are more advisable that can be fastened on both sides of the shoe so there is no need to lace up the shoe, and are excellent solutions to this issue.

Benefits Of Choosing The Best Pair Of Shoes For Your Aging Feet

There are lots of benefits to choosing and  wearing  proper shoes for your aging feet:

 They always help you to stay active while walking or running.

 These shoes keep your feet balanced and align.

 Those shoes will help to keep the muscles of your feet from becoming weak and keep them strong and comfortable.

Comfortable shoes for aging feet provide protection and strong support to your feet, which helps your feet improve mobility and enhance comfort.

 Wearing adaptive walking shoes for the elderly always keeps your feet fit properly and improves the overall quality of living.

Wearing not properly fitting shoes can adversely affect the mood and outlook of your feet which causes you injuries.


Before choosing shoes for your aging feet, you should know how to choose the best shoes for your aging feet? always remember maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is very important for you.

Always go for the shoe which is best suited for your feet as you age and better get advice from some expert about your feet that they can advise you which kind of shoe is best suitable for your feet.

Always check all features of the shoes and wear them and walk for a while and make sure it doesn’t hurt you and keep your feet comfy and relaxed and also you should know about your feet well that you have any injury or have any issue or not according to that choose the best shoes for your aging feet. 

Treat your feet to the right shoes so you can keep every time happy and comfortable walking.

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