How To Choose The Best Flat Feet Shoes In 2022?

A flat foot image
A flat foot image

Do you know how to choose the best shoes for your flat feet? 

Findling shoes for your flat feet nowadays is not that difficult but finding the best and most comfortable shoes is always a big question mark. People who have flat feet and are addicted to a daily walk or run want to know how to choose the best shoe for their flat feet, which should be more comfortable and keep their feet relaxed while jogging or walking.

If you have flat feet, you will always feel terrible pain if your shoes don’t support your feet properly. So it means you need a pair of shoes that have proper support for your flat feet and keep your feet more comfortable and relaxed.

What are the important points you should keep in mind while going to buy a pair of shoes for your flat feet?

Are you the one who has flat feet? 

So don’t worry if you are one of 18 million people. According to the National Foot Health Assessment, 8 percent of U.S. adults ages 21 and older have flat feet. Another 4 percent, or about 8 million U.S. adults, have fallen arched.

A chart Normal Arch foot and Flat Foot
A Chart of the Normal Arch Foot and Flat Foot

How to choose the best shoes for your flat feet: Basic Guidelines

Shoe Measurement

Chart for men women's shoe size measurement shoe
Chart for men women’s shoe size measurement shoe

Research shows that a large number of people either wear incorrectly sized shoes or they wear the same size shoes that they buy every year. They don’t have an idea about changing their feet’s shape, which costs them foot disorders and pain. So make sure you properly your feet length, width, and arch length of your feet.

 Use of Socks 

Socks image
Socks image

Before trying a shoe, always wear socks which you normally wear with your shoes. By this means, you can get fit shoes for your feet because the thickness of the sock affects the fit of the shoes for your flat feet.

Size Differences

When you go to buy a shoe, you should know one thing: there is a big difference in the shoe sizes of companies. Every company uses different sizes, and the size 9 for Skechers will not be the same fit as the size 9 for New Balance. So whenever you buy shoes for your flat feet, make sure you wear proper shoes and make sure you get the proper fit and correct size of shoes.

One foot is larger than the other foot in size.

Infographic foot size measurement
Infographic foot size measurement

Some people have an issue where one foot is a little larger than the other foot, and they face problems choosing the correct size. So, if you have the same issue, make sure you check the shoe properly and that it fits your feet. If you go for a little bit of a big size due to one large foot, then you can use an insole on the other foot shoes to make it balance.

Don’t go for too fit and small an option; otherwise, you will suffer and it could damage your feet badly, so choose an option that is comfortable and relaxed.

Best-suited shoes for feet

Always choose a shoe that is best suited for your feet, and never go for something too stylish or fancy that looks good but is not good for your feet. It could hurt your feet and give you too much trouble.

Arch support built-in shoes

Design for shoes built-in arch support
Design for shoes with built-in arch support

While choosing shoes for your flat feet, To avoid buying shoes with flat soles, always choose shoes that have arch support built into the sole of the shoe.

If you don’t find any arch support in shoes, don’t go for it because it’s not good and will cause pain and discomfort while walking and running.

A shoes Built-In Arch Support Of Shoes for flat foot
shoes with built-in arch support for flat feet.

Foot stability 

Chart for shoes stability
Chart for shoe stability

Since flat-footed people are injury-prone, if you do not use a shoe that has support for your flat feet, then you should be ready for some serious injuries to your feet. There should be proper foot stability and support in the shoe, which will keep your feet comfortable while jogging and walking.

Room for your toes

Always choose shoes with the proper design and with enough room for your toes. The reason behind leaving room for the toes is that it will reduce the pressure on the front side of your foot and will keep it comfortable while walking or running.

Picture of Room For Foot Toe in the shoes
Picture of room for foot toe in the shoes

A deep silicon heel cup 

Heel shoes for flat feet are very important too. With a deep silicone heel cup in your shoes, your heel will be kept in place and well-protected, even after long-distance walking.

Avoid choosing shoes that are too tight against the back of your heel. This could cause your skin to blister. Always make sure there is a 1/8-inch space between the back of your heel and the shoe.

Picture of a Heel Cup Of Shoes
Heel Cup Of Shoes


Stability is very important for every shoe but if you have flat feet then it plays a more important role, if your shoe is not properly stable you will feel discomfort, and could be the reason for injury especially for flat feet people because their foot is already not properly stable and needs proper support.


If your feet are not comfortable and relaxed after wearing the shoe, don’t go for that shoe. Comfortability is the most important thing you have to look for while buying shoes. Always go for specially designed shoes that best suit your feet and keep them more relaxed and comfortable.

Low-drop or no-drop shoes

Low-drop or no-drop shoes are best for your feet, avoid the high drop because shoes with a high drop could cause severe heel striking and knee injury. They can be unstable, which contributes to imbalances of feet while running and walking

Chart of difference between Low Drop Or No Drop Shoes
Chart of difference between Low Drop Or No Drop Shoes

Low-drop shoes reduce the risk of injury because they give the feel of being barefoot, and due to this, your feet remain stable and balanced, so they will keep you safe from injury risks.


Always choose durable shoes. Never choose low-quality or low-durable shoes, especially when you have flat feet, so always buy the best durable shoes which you can easily afford. It will save you from having to buy shoes every month. 

Take your time to choose the best option

Always take your time to choose a shoe and must try on both shoes and walk around and make sure your feet are comfortable while walking in the shoe and you don’t feel discomfort at any point.

If you feel discomfort, then try another one. If you order online, make sure that you follow their guidelines so that in case you don’t feel comfortable, you can return your order.

How to Choose Shoes for Low Arch and Flat Feet

How to Choose Shoes for Low Arch and Flat Feet


Nowadays, almost every brand of shoe has launched shoes for flat feet, which gives you an open choice. So always take your time and look at all the features that are suggested for a flat footer while picking the shoes for your flat feet.

If you have a foot problem or facing any issues choosing the best option for your flat feet so you must consult with an expert which will give you the best suggestion for choosing the best option for your flat feet

Buying shoes for your flat feet is not that much difficult as before, but you have to be very conscious and know how to choose the best shoes for your flat feet.

Before buying a pair of shoes for flat feet, you should know that different kinds of shoes are designed for long-distance walking shoes and running shoes for flat footers.

 Since you have flat feet, you have to decide first for which purpose you need the shoes either you want for a long-distance daily walk or run. 

wherever you go to pick a pair of shoes for your flat feet, properly check the above-given points and wear them if you feel completely comfy while wearing the shoes then go for it, don’t be in a hurry because any quick decision while choosing the shoes for your flat feet could give you trouble later on. 

Check all the features and make up your mind properly that you need running shoes for your flat feet or walking shoes. Go for the most comfortable option, not for style and design, as mentioned earlier.


Do high arches work well with flat feet?

The top flat foot arch support insoles will have these features: Low, yet strong-supporting arch – This is what you need, a low arch. It will hurt if your firm arch is too high. Long-term relief will not come from a soft arch that your foot crushes.

Can flat feet use regular shoes?

It doesn’t matter what kind of shoes you wear if you have flat feet, as long as they have strong midfoot and rearfoot support and detachable insoles that you can swap out for your own orthopedic custom insoles. In fact, anything may be modified, even sandals with back supports.

Which arch type suits flat feet best?

The pain associated with flatfeet may be lessened with over-the-counter arch supports. Most often, specially made arch supports that are shaped to fit your feet are advised. Although they won’t cure flatfeet, shoe inserts frequently lessen the disorder’s symptoms.

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