How To Buy The Best Shoes For Pregnant Women With Swollen Feet? 2022

A pregnant woman walking on the road wearing a blue dress wearing white shoes
A pregnant woman walking on the road wearing a blue dress wearing white shoes

Are you pregnant and your feet have swollen? Do you know how to buy the best shoes for pregnant women with swollen feet? During your pregnancy, your feet are always under pressure due to gaining extra weight. This is also the time when your feet also get swollen and your heels also get sore, and these things make it difficult for you to walk.

Therefore, you need to choose the most suitable and comfortable shoe for your pregnancy. It’s not only good for you but also good for your baby’s safety too.

When you get pregnant every month different kinds of changes happen in your body.

  • There will be an increase in your body and you will gain weight every month.
  • Due to gaining extra weight, additional pressure will come on your entire body.
  • You will feel extra pressure on your legs, joints, and body due to extra weight.
  • Your feet will get flattered and will be swollen.
  • Due to pregnancy, your body gains weight too fast due to which your plantar fascia gets overloaded and because of this, you will feel heel pain in your feet.

According to a study ¾  of pregnant women suffer from swollen feet issues during their pregnancy period and sometimes these swollen feet issues can be permanent.

What Kind Of Shoes You Should Choose When You Are Pregnant And Your Feet Are Swollen

When you are pregnant, you have to be very careful while choosing shoes for yourself. As you know, due to pregnancy, your feet will be swollen, so you have to choose a pair of shoes that should be comfortable and stretchable, You should know a few things before buying shoes for your swollen feet.

  • Never buy a shoe with laces, always avoid it because due to pregnancy your belly will become big and it’s really hard for you to bend your body to tie your laces so better avoid this option.
  • Avoid shoes with buckles or straps. Never suggest these kinds of shoes when you are pregnant and with swollen feet.
  • A shoe with proper arch and ankle support is very important for pregnant women when choosing shoes for their swollen feet, due to swelling your feet need proper support while walking during your pregnancy.
  • During your pregnancy, your foot size will increase due to swelling during your pregnancy period so you need shoes that should be stretchable so you don’t feel any problems due to so always buy shoes that should be stretchable.
  • Always avoid buying a shoe with heels when you are pregnant and your feet are swollen because they will unstable you and will have chances of falling or tripping while walking which is not a good thing for a pregnant woman.
  • Always choose a pair of shoes that should be breathable because they will keep your swollen feet dry and cool and will prevent you from sweating and overheating which is not a good thing for a pregnant woman.
  • A pair of shoes that is easy to wear, mostly different kinds of shoes like slip-on or clogs are a better option for you as your feet will be swollen, so you need shoes that are easy to wear and you don’t feel any problem while wearing the shoe.
  • Choose Shoes That are flat and if you cannot wear flat then go for wide and low heel shoes
  • Don’t pick shoes whose heel is more than 2 inches and make sure the heel should not pointy which is not good for a pregnant woman.
  • Always buy shoes with proper support and if you cannot find a pair of shoes with proper support then you can use an insole that will give you support while walking.
  • Always choose a shoe with a wider area of toe it will keep your feet comfortable and prevent you from any injury.
  • Buying Loafers is also a good idea for your swollen feet during pregnancy 
  • Slip-on and sneakers are also good choices when you do some walk during pregnancy they will keep your feet relaxed and comfortable 

How to reduce swelling in the legs during pregnancy?

How to reduce swelling in the legs during pregnancy?
A info chart for how To reduce Pain during pregnancy
An info chart for how To reduce Pain during pregnancy

When you are pregnant it is very important for you that you consult with your doctor before choosing anything because your doctor will suggest to you which is more suitable for you, for same the shoes you can consult and can get advice from your doctor that which kind of shoes will be suitable for you during your pregnancy so your doctor can suggest some better option to you.


Is walking beneficial for pregnant women’s swollen feet?

Walking and other low-impact exercises can undoubtedly help reduce swelling in your feet when you’re pregnant.

When should I be concerned if my feet swell while pregnant?

Most pregnant women have swelling in their ankles and feet at some time, which is quite normal. Swelling occasionally, though, can point to a more serious issue. If you notice any of the following symptoms at the beginning of the day or don’t feel better when you rest: swelling

If a pregnant woman’s feet are swollen, what should she do?

Avoid standing still for too long.
Don’t wear tight straps or anything else that can pinch if your feet swell; instead, wear comfortable shoes and socks.
As often as you can, try to take a nap with your feet up.
Water helps your body get rid of extra water, so drink enough of it.

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