10 Best And Comfortable Kids With Flat Feet Shoes 2022

A group of kids legs wearing colorful shoes
A group of kids legs wearing colorful shoes

Do you need shoes for kids with flat feet? Do you know which are the best kids’ shoes for flat feet? According to a study, kids have feet that suffer three times more stress and pressure than adults’ feet. Because kids are involved in more activities and more high-impact activities as compared to normal adults,

This is the main reason a kid needs more supportive and good shock-absorbing shoes that can reduce the high impact on their knees and feet.

If your kid is feeling foot and leg pain while walking in normal shoes. You need to be very selective and careful with buying shoes for your kid having flat feet.

chart of the difference between flat feet and normal feet
chart of the difference between flat feet and normal feet

There are many shoes for kids, but not every shoe is designed and suitable for flat feet. Experts and doctors always recommend shoes that have a strong heel counter and offer proper arch support to your kid’s feet, which can prevent your kid’s feet from any serious pain.

You have a kid who has flat feet, and now you are looking for him/her the best and most comfortable, shoes that are best suitable for flat feet, So here we will review the 10 best shoes for kids with flat feet.

ASICS Kids Gel-Venture 6 Gs Running Shoe – Best Running Sneaker

When we talk about a shoe that is most suitable for flat feet ASICS is always the first choice on this list, The ASICS kid’s Gel-Venture 6 Gs model is one of the best choices for your kid to have flat feet. 

These shoes provide the best support to your kid’s feet. This shoe model is designed especially for kids with flat feet. It has a rearfoot Gel Cushioning System that keeps kid feet very comfortable, Reinforces stitched toe caps will keep your kid’s feet fit and will not put pressure on toes.

It has a trail-specific outsole means shoes that have a very good grip. So this shoe is the overall best choice for your kids to have flat feet.

  • Lighter than ever
  • Firm midsole
  • Works for both overpronators and neutral runners
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Have the best arch support
  • Wide toe box
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting material
  • Good air circulation
  • Available in many colors
  • A bit expensive

Asics Gel-Cumulus 20

Asics Gel Cumulus 20 model is a very comfortable shoe for your kids.

This model of shoes comes with the feature of the ASICS High Abrasion Rubber outsole. It has a stitched-down toe cap that provides durability and protection to your kid’s feet.

It has reflective and very breathable running shoes with a revolutionary sole design that provides a controlled heel to your kid’s toe and keeps the feet relaxed and comfortable.

  • Lots of midsole support
  • Has wide sizes,
  • Durable
  • Rare to find in the market

Memo Polo Ankle Support Children’s Corrective Orthopedic Sneaker

The Memo Polo Ankle Support model is called proper orthopedic sneakers which are specifically designed for kids to have flat feet. This model of shoes provides supportive features for your kid’s flat feet.

This model has a unique rubber sole system that helps your kid’s feet properly align while walking. These shoes are made of leather material that makes this shoe more durable and flexible and keeps your kid’s feet comfortable and ventilated as well.

This shoe has memo system technology that you can assess progress or regression after your kid has to wear them for some time. This model of shoes has heels and outsoles that are separated into different numbered zones with stripes. It has ankle support that helps your kid’s feet keep straight.

These strips will abrasion and will allow you to check where your kid is applying the most pressure and make necessary corrective measures.

This is the great thing about this shoe you can evaluate your kid’s feet as kids don’t have that many exact ideas so you can evaluate it easily. So overall this memo orthopedic sneaker is one of the best shoes for your kids with flat feet.

  • Recommend for kids with flat shoes
  • Stylish and comfy
  • Stable heel structure
  • Durable outsole
  • High quality
  • Provides a barefoot feeling
  • They are expensive

New Balance Kids’ 680V5

This New Balance Kids 680V5 has injected molded EVA midsole which means it provides your kids’ feet solid arch support which is the main requirement for flat feet. This shoe has an ABZORB crash pad in the heel of the shoes and has a midsole that absorbs the shock which is best for kids as most of the time kids play on rough surfaces so this model is best for them. 

This model of shoes is very lightweight and designed with a breathable upper mesh that provides structure and another layer of support to your kid’s feet. The shoe has a synthetic outsole that provides enough grip to your kid’s feet for sports and running.

If your kids are athletic and sport-loving kids and wear shoes every day but have flat feet then this New Balance 680v5 model is best for them this model of shoes is available for both boys and girls.

  • Very Responsive
  • Better cushioning
  • Stretchy knit upper for a snug and comfortable fit
  • Full-length Fresh Foam X midsole for optimum energy return
  • Good option as a daily trainer
  • Width options
  • Very soft
  • Lightweight
  • Outsole traction may not be enough on a wet platform

New Balance Kids 888v2 Hook and Loop Running Shoe 

New Balance is one of the most supportive and comfortable shoes. The New Balance Kids 888 V2 Hook and Loop Running Shoe is the best shoe for your kids with flat feet. New Balance claims that they designed these shoes for kids with flat feet.

This model of shoe has an ABZORB crash pad heel which helps to give relief from foot pain to your kids. This shoe is very lightweight, the cushioned heel has a non-slip sole, and is breathable too which means it will keep your kid’s flat feet very comfortable and relaxed.

This model has injected-molded EVA midsole, and thermoplastic urethane heel clip-in shoes, it has split suede upper material with a solid rubber outsole with a hook and loop closure system, these all features make these shoes best for your kids with flat feet.

  • Breathable upper
  • Midsole compound provides amazing shock absorption in the heel and a noticeable pop of energy in the forefoot.
  • Has thick, shock-absorbing soft cushioning with effective of low-to-the-ground feel in the forefoot that allows it to be a great shoe for long runs.
  • Some runners felt these ran too wide
  • Doesn’t shine brighter in other area in that it could have a more plush, comfortable interior and more energetic bounce in every stride.

Saucony Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker

Saucony Jazz Hook and Loop Sneakers are the best shoes for kids with flat feet. This Jazz model has flexible soles, room for your kid’s toe, and very solid heels; these features need for kids’ feet.

This model has an outsole that is made of rubber that makes it best for your kid’s flat feet. Jazz Saucony outsole has a special triangle-shaped lug. These lugs give your kid’s feet a very comfortable room that allows flexibility and proper foot development for your kid’s flat feet.

The upper material of shoes used is mixed suede and nylon. Shoes have extra padded cushioning which means more comfort for your kid’s feet. The shoe outsole has the best traction which is very important for kids as they play a lot. This model of shoes is durable, lightweight, and breathable.

  • Wider through the midsole and forefoot
  • DurableTPU medial post provides stability
  • Smooth ride
  • Durable, bouncy midsole
  • Very soft
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • No color options
  • Little bit rigid

Tsukihoshi Kaz Sneaker

Tsukihoshi is a Japanese company that specialized in manufacturing kids’ shoes. This model of shoes has solid heel braces and arch and heel support for your kid’s foot. Shoes have the stability that heels give arch support for your kids’ flat feet. This shoe has a roomy toe box in shoes. It has a good grip and an enhancing balance.

The upper material of shoes has a lightweight synthetic material, so you can wash them easily in the machine. Shoes have antibacterial insoles, and the insole of the shoe is removable. If you want to replace it with other insoles, you can do it easily. The features of the shoes make them one of the most popular choices for your kids’ flat feet.

  • Designed specifically for children’s feet.
  • Molded cup insole provides good arch support.
  • Odor-resistant antibacterial insole.
  • Machine washable.
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • High quality with a durable rubber sole
  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to clean
  • Antibacterial insole
  • Run large
  • A bit expensive

Adidas Originals Swift Run Shoes

Adidas original swifts run model shoes manufactured especially for kids with flat feet. This model is considered one of the best for your kid’s flat feet if the kid loves to run and play sports.

This shoe is lightweight and very flexible which is good for your athletic kid’s flat feet.

This model of shoes provides very good support to your kid’s fallen arches and keeps your kid’s feet comfortable. This shoe has EVA midsole technology along with this it has ortholite sock liner which makes it more comfortable for your kids’ feet.

The sock lining design of shoes wicks away moisture to keep your kid’s feet dry while playing or walking. This model of shoe has an agility touch skin upper material, so your kids will feel comfortable from their first use.

  • Man-made
  • Very smooth
  • The lightweight shoe is comfortable and supportive.
  • Agility Touch Skin upper conforms to a child’s unique foot shape.
  • A durable rubber sole provides good traction for physical activities.
  • Comes in plenty of colors for boys and girls.
  • Available in sizes for toddlers up to big kids.
  • Lack of adjustment
  • A little bit expensive

Pediped Baby Girl Shoes(Becky Mary Jane Flat)

If you have a daughter who has flat feet and you are looking for Mary Jane shoes for her, then the Pediped Baby Girl Shoes are the best choice for your daughter.

This model of shoes to help avoid foot pain while walking or running will keep the feet comfortable and relaxed and will prevent your kid’s feet from pain.

This model of shoes was approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. This model has a flex fit system allowing for an adjustable fit for your kids. This model of shoes comes with a flexible cushioned material and durability.

  • Cushioned arch support is comfortable and supportive.
  • Classy design for fancier occasions or everyday wear.
  • Flex Fit System allows you to customize fit and prolong wear.
  • Flexible, durable rubber outsole
  • High quality
  • Stylish shoes
  • Suitable heel length
  • Anti-skid sole
  • Will require some breaking in
  • Only available for girls

Stride Rite Kids’ Made 2-Play Cannan

Stride Rite Kids models are best for correcting kids’ arch development. It has a lightweight EVA midsole, which is very flexible on the arch and is very useful for kids with flat feet. It has ultra-cozy memory foam to support your kid’s feet.

This model of shoes is made of leather and textile which makes it more durable and breathable. It has antimicrobial technology and a rubber outsole that provides traction to your kid’s feet and makes it more durable. This model one of good for your kid’s flat feet.

  • Washable
  • Good Arch Support
  • Have antimicrobial properties
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality rubber sole
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable strap
  • Easy to clean
  • Holes may appear
  • Available only in blue and black

What Are Things You Should Know Before Buying The Shoes For Kids With Flat Feet?

Arch Support

Chart of kids feet arch
Chart of kids’ feet arch

The first thing you have to see is that the shoes you are going to buy for your kid should have proper arch support. If any shoes are without arch support, never buy them. Always stick to buying shoes with arch support, which will provide your kid’s feet with a good level of support and will keep them comfortable while walking.


Since your kid has flat feet, so your first choice should be arch support which provides support and comfort while walking, but you have to make sure it should not only support but also be made of material that should be breathable that keeps your kid’s feet comfortable, cool, and dry while walking.


Kids shoe traction
Kids shoe traction

When kids start walking, they are always very active, and they need the kind of shoes that should have a proper grip if they can walk or run on uneven surfaces. Their shoes should have as much grip as they can handle, and their feet should prevent any injury.

Look at the sole material which should have proper traction and a proper grip on any surface.

Firm Heel Counter

Proper firm heel counter right and wrong position
Proper firm heel counter right and wrong position

While buying shoes for your kids make sure the shoe has a firm heel counter, this feature will provide your kid feet ankle support and will prevent the ankle from inward and feet will always be safe and comfortable while walking


Kids different age shoe sizes chart
Kids’ different age shoe sizes chart

A fit and correct size for kids’ shoes is always very important especially when a kid has flat feet. Before buying shoes for your kid always choose the accurate size. There should be a thumb width of the spacing between the long toe and the top of the shoe of your kid’s feet


Choosing a lightweight shoe for the kids is always best because kids are very active when they start walking or playing, so they need shoes that should be lightweight which will help them walk easily.


Shoe Flexibility
Shoe Flexibility

A flexible shoe will keep your kids’ feet from twisting, especially when they play or do some intensive activities, so you must buy flexible shoes. This flexibility will prevent their feet from any injury or pain. One thing shoes should be flexible but not too flexible is that it bends kids’ feet.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Shoes With Support For Kids With Flat Feet?

Shoes with support will help your kid’s feet develop correctly and will also help with ankle and joint development.

Shoes with support will improve your kid’s posture while walking

A supportive shoe will help your kid walk straight and will keep it comfortable.

Support will prevent your kids from toe walking which could give your kid pain and injury.

When your kids play or do some activity this support will minimize the impact on your kid’s feet and legs.

A supportive shoe is always very helpful in maintaining balance which is very important for kids with flat feet while walking or playing.

While playing or walking supportive shoes will reduce fatigue and muscle strain and will keep your kids’ feet more comfortable and relaxed

How To Choose Shoes For Flat Feet

How To Choose Shoes For Flat Feet


If you have a kid who has feet and leg pain so never ignore it, you must consult with a medical expert and find the reason whether it’s because of flat feet or some other reason, and never compromise the health of your kids and choose the best and most comfortable shoes with the correct size.

Your kid’s feet are very important for your kid’s whole body because feet are the foundation of the whole body. If the foundation will weaken it will affect the entire body.

It’s very hard to diagnose foot pain problems in kids. They don’t know exactly what are the main causes, so as a parent you have to recognize it, and if you even don’t understand immediately consult with the doctor to diagnose the main cause so that you can treat it in time.

In advanced countries, kids’ shoes are always placed in the health category not in the fashion category, because as per medical experts that the right choice of shoes will ensure the kids’ healthy growth, posture, and proper development of the bone structure.

So always buy the most suitable shoes for your kids especially when you are looking for shoes for your kids with flat feet.


Do children’s shoes support the arch?

The majority of kids don’t require specific arch support. All toddlers under the age of 16 months have flat feet, and an arch doesn’t fully form until a child is between 6 and 8 years old. The shoe’s outer sole gives it grip, padding, and flexibility. Avoid wearing shoes with thick, sticky exterior soles since they could make you trip and fall.

Do young children outgrow their flat feet?

We now know that most kids between the ages of 1 and 5 have flat feet. Over 95% of kids overcome flat feet and develop a regular arch as part of the normal development of their feet. The remaining 5% still have flat feet, although very few will ever experience problems.

What problems do flat feet bring on?

The loss or absence of foot arches (particularly when bearing weight) and soreness or fatigue along the inner side of the feet and arches are the most recognizable signs and symptoms of flat feet. Soft tissue inflammation is one problem brought on by flat feet. Leg, foot, and arch wear out.

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