11 Best Comfortable Running Shoes With Shoelaces For Women 2021

A group of Women is Dominating the Running on running track while wearing shoe with shoelace
A group of Women Is Dominating the Running on running track while wearing shoes with a shoelace

Women’s shoes especially running shoes with shoelaces have a few characteristics in common and their designs are based on basic group trends which make them weigh less. The shoes have a lighter and softer midsole.

Factors to consider when choosing running shoes for women with shoelaces

Test multiple brands in a variety of sizes to find the best shoe for your foot. Before you make a final decision on what shoes to buy, consider additional support to your fitness. Feet swell when they sweat therefore toe length should be considered. Seek for a shoe with a space between the end of the shoe and your longest toe of about a thumbnail length.


This always means the lateral support that a shoe provides. For runners who tend to over or under pronate while running, lateral stability is good. Small imbalances over time can lead to major, long-term injuries. Running shoe manufacturers reinforce the lateral midsole of each shoe to provide structural stability. They also add extra hard materials to the shoe to make it more stable and promote appropriate foot alignment throughout the stride.

Landing Comfort/Cushioning

Comfortability is the key to a good lifestyle. Nothing makes someone want to stop jogging more than fatigued, blistering feet or achy joints therefore good shoes give a nice cushion to the feet and provided enough shock absorption. We also compared the materials and structure of midsoles. We got to know each shoe and evaluated its best-fitting running scenarios, whether it was designed for long runs or speed training.


The responsiveness of a shoe refers to how it reacts to the energy you put into it. Strides are started by kinetic input, and the responsiveness of a shoe determines how effortlessly your feet glide through each stride’s motions. To put it another way, it’s how swiftly and smoothly each step flows into the next, as well as how agile you feel as you do so. You may adjust your pace with less energy output when you’re tightly connected to your motions and the variations in terrain; this translates to more efficient running at faster speeds. The higher a shoe’s responsiveness rating, the lower its landing comfort rating, and vice versa.

The thicker, softer padding that improves landing comfort can occasionally make response difficult. Manufacturers will considerably improve responsiveness in ultra-comfy kicks by using new technologically improved foams and materials. While a runner’s foot shape and muscular composition can influence how agile they feel in a given pair of shoes, various patterns and signs can help us make a more impartial assessment of this complex statistic.

Upper Comfort

A shoe’s upper comfort is the first thing we notice about it, aside from its style. We have an instant reaction to the materials, tongue cushioning, and shape of a new pair of shoes the moment we put them on. We’re very picky about how the tongue and lace combination interacts with our feet. Nobody wants their top foot to dig into the lace bed, therefore we separated the aggressive from the smooth.

The elasticity of materials, the form of the foot box, and the general top design and construction all contribute to this, ideally resulting in a shoe that you forget you’re wearing. Because feet swell as your running warms up, shoes with tight and harsh laces that impede blood flow received a lower grade in this category.


We can’t deny that shoe weight has an impact on running performance, but we wouldn’t recommend buying shoes simply based on this parameter. May a few ounces contain the key to your running success? This may be one of the first things we notice when we take shoes out of the box. We’d recommend utilizing weight as a secondary decision factor after more apparent variables like upper and landing comfort unless you’re planning on competing at a competitive level in the foreseeable future. You can utilize weight to hone in on your ultimate choice once you’ve narrowed down your options slightly.

Review 11 best women running shoes with shoelaces

  1. Hoka One One Rocket X
Picture of red color Hoka One One Rocket X shoe
Picture of red color Hoka One One Rocket X shoe

This shoe is best for a day race It has a different feel from any other shoe. Because of the highest cushioning, your foot will sit significantly higher off the ground, generating a novel sensation that will take some getting used to. Your joints will appreciate you once you’ve gotten used to the sensation.

The women running shoe is a terrific pick for anyone wishing to improve their landing comfort. Look no further if you’re seeking a sneaker to help you break your personal best in a race. It’s one of the Hoka’s lightest shoes, with a low-slung, snug fit, and a thin carbon fiber plate. The sizing is unisex, so go with your standard running shoe size.

2. Asics Gel-Nimbus 23

Picture of blue color 2. Asics Gel-Nimbus 23 shoe
Picture of blue color 2. Asics Gel-Nimbus 23 shoe

Asics has included gender-specific torsion-control devices under the midsole. This is a great all-around training shoe that is well cushioned and comfy underfoot. The gel-nimbus is a flagship shoe that does a fantastic job. From the underfoot to the heel collar and tongue, this conventional neutral trainer is all about maximum cushioning and comfort. It nevertheless manages to deliver a dynamic energy return, and the gel pod in the heel absorbs shock on landing like a trusted buddy, making it an excellent running companion.

Although the upper is now constructed of a softer mesh, it remains robust and supportive. The winning formula hasn’t been altered for those who already love this shoe, but if you’re new to it, try it on for size since it favors narrower-footed runners.

3. Saucony Guide 14

Picture of Saucony Guide 14 shoe
Picture of Saucony Guide 14 shoe

This isn’t a fast-paced woman running shoe, but it’s perfect for overpronators and heavy runners. This is an excellent long-run shoe for novice to advanced overpronating runners. These are both durable and comfortable. Although it is cushioned, those who prefer a firmer ride for their training miles will love how smoothly it glides from heel to toe. The upper is reassuringly supportive, and the padded heel collar and heel counter are also extremely comfortable.

It’s not as bulky as many stability shoes, and it may not be suited for people with huge feet – if you normally size up half a size in your runners, size up a whole size in this because it runs small. We like the vibrant colors, even if they have little bearing on performance.

4. Brooks Levitate 4

Picture of Brooks Levitate 4 shoe

The shoe is smooth, comfy, and moisture-wicking to a high standard. They’re versatile enough to be your lone weapon, and they keep up well over time. We were driven to expand our distances by their comfort, responsiveness, and durability because our runs felt effortless and surprisingly light. The outsole form provides swift energy. This version also features a redesigned sole that delivers more stress absorption and adaptability than prior models while also being lighter.

Runners and walkers who have had lower-body ailments in the past may appreciate the improved support and space provided by the shoe’s base. The shoes’ stability makes them ideal for correcting postural imbalances and preventing injuries. With this version, Brooks added a little stretch to the specialized upper mesh to improve individualized comfort. For flat-footed runners, the moderate arch support may be too much. Aside from the price, the shoe is quite durable, with consistent cushioning.

5. Veja condor 2

Picture of white color pair of Veja condor 2 shoes
Picture of white color pair of Veja condor 2 shoes

Very comfortable and stylish, but a little too clunky in the heel upon landing, with too little energy return for long runs. The outsole has excellent traction and feels like it will have good durability. These jogging shoes are a leading light for change in the trainer industry. It’s 57 percent bio-based and recycled, with components made of rice waste, banana oil, sugar cane. The laces, back loop, and cords are made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles.

6. On cloudswift

Picture of grey color  On cloudswift shoe
Picture of grey color On cloudswift shoe

This is a neutral shoe designed specifically for shorter road runs. It’s a softer ride, but it’s still strong, with reassuring cushioning rather than fluffy cushioning. The shoe is light and gives the best support. You’ll enjoy it if you have high arches since the arch support is excellent, and the lacing mechanism runs through two sidebands that draw in to keep your feet firmly in place. We especially appreciate the fact that the tight mesh upper is made entirely of recyclable materials.

7. Nike React Infinity Run FK2

Picture of white color Nike React Infinity Run FK2 shoe
Picture of white color Nike React Infinity Run FK2 shoe

The elegant and fashionable women running shoes aid runners in avoiding injury. Cushioning, breathability, and stability are all highly praised. This is a fantastic option for various sessions if you’re new to running. Long-distance runners will find them to be reliable workhorses. This is a very comfortable, lightweight trainer that provides a well-cushioned, responsive, and smooth ride. The updated and improved upper is breathable and well-fitting, while the wide base provides a sense of solidity. The arch support is quite apparent, and the rocker design pulls you forward. It reduces the risk of running injury though it is a supportive, well-designed cushioned running shoe that will see you through long miles.

8. Adidas Ultraboost 21

Picture of white and yellow color Adidas Ultraboost 21 shoe
Picture of white and yellow color Adidas Ultraboost 21 shoe

This comfortable Adidas women running shoe is made for long runs at a steady pace. It is made from recycled ocean plastic, and an LEP (‘Linear Energy Push’) plastic insert inside the midsole that provides 15% more torsional rigidity – offering a stiffer ride to help pick up the pace. If you’re a runner with a narrow foot, you might want to try them on first because the upper isn’t as snug as Adidas advertises.

The ever-popular ultra-boost is back for 2021, and we put it through its paces, largely in the rain but also in the snow. Existing ultra boost wearers will be happy with this upgraded version, which includes more boosts, a more responsive toe-off, and a prettier look. The cushioning is especially useful for runners who strike their shoes hard but the weight prevents it from becoming an all-arounder.

9. Altra Escalante 2.5 – Women’s

Picture of black color 9. Altra Escalante 2.5 - Women's shoe

The toe box is roomy, the midfoot is flexible and forgiving, and there’s enough airflow. The Altra EGO midsole and outsole were introduced in this expression, resulting in a flexible yet durable pair of runners. This women’s shoelace running shoes give comfort, structure, and fit, and the half Altra EGO outsole works in harmony with Altra’s FootPod technology. The FootPod rubber also provides great shock absorption, so each stride is more gentle on the joints than in less cushioned shoes.

The form of these kicks is ideal for anyone looking for a delicate and supportively soft arch, and ample toe space. The musculature simply does not provide the same feedback when legs acclimate to running with a zero drop, resulting in decreased energy return and responsiveness. The tongue and lace arrangement on the Escalante 2.5 isn’t our favorite; we usually prefer a little tongue padding in our marathon-ready sneakers. For anyone wishing to focus on biomechanical health, these women’s shoes with shoelaces give superb posture guidance, muscle-building, and toe box space.

10. Brooks Ghost 13 – Women’s

Picture of gry color Brooks Ghost 13 shoe
Picture of gry color Brooks Ghost 13 shoe

Runners looking for a supportive and sturdy shoe with a shoelace should go no further than this one. These kicks have a strong heel-to-toe transition, and the amount of force you put into them is met with an equal response, making them an ideal race day propeller. From training to race day and beyond, the cushioning remains soft. Because runners’ feet swell as they warm up, toe boxes that accept expanding feet without feeling like clown shoes are always being developed. On long-distance days, the collar and tongue of this rendition are substantially cushioned, keeping them tight and comfy.

The seamless feel and sole-to-ground contact of this neutral runner are favorites among our testers; both aspects contribute to the responsive comfort of this tried-and-true model. The tough construction reduces ventilation a little, but we still think they’re above average. If you’re looking for a reliable, long-distance running companion shoe for women with laces, go no further than this Ghost iteration.

11. New Balance fresh foam 1080v11

picture of blue color 11. New Balance fresh foam 1080v11 shoe
picture of blue color 11. New Balance fresh foam 1080v11 shoe

When compared to Allbirds last year, this cushioned neutral shoe earned our best buy badge of approval, and the ride is still as gloriously bouncy, propulsive, and gazelle-like. The sleek, smart design, despite the lack of interior padding, makes it exceptionally comfortable for extended runs. The change is in the upper, which is more stretchy and flexible – not secure enough for our liking – but the sides of the slightly broader toe box feel supportive and secure, and the knit over the top of the toes is more breathable.


Finding the correct running shoe may be a massive and overwhelming undertaking with so many options to select from, especially when the running market is oversaturated with options and full of fancy terminology and misleading marketing. You must determine whether or not road-specific shoelace running shoes are the best option for you. You’ve come to the perfect place if you prefer to run on roads, sidewalks, the treadmill, or a track. Even if you only run on dirt roads and light cross-country trails on occasion, a road-running shoe will most likely be your best option.

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