10 Best Non-Slip Walking Shoes For Elderly Age People 2021

A group of 2 men and 2 women of elderly age walking on the walking track in a very good mood
A group of 2 men and 2 women of elderly age walking on the walking track in a very good mood

Wearing the proper, supportive, and comfortable shoes as you age is important. Our feet become increasingly susceptible to several health concerns and illnesses as we age. The majorities of elderly age people already have a foot issue, knee, ankle, or back pain, and require orthotic footwear to alleviate the symptoms of these conditions. Walking without the proper shoes can do significant harm to your feet, knees, and ankles, as well as increase lower back pain. Your feet are always the primary portion of your body to exhibit indications of wear and tear.

When selecting a good Shoe for elderly age people, consider the following features and factors.

Motion Control – This refers to how stable a shoe is when you’re walking. It will support your ankles and arches and adapt your heel motion to prevent stress and impact on your heels. This trait is important for elderly age men and women.

Breathable and Lightweight Material– The shoe’s material is a priority. When you have a foot ailment or painful bunions, you need a pair of shoes that must be constructed of soft and flexible materials that don’t put an additional strain on the affected areas of your foot.

Cushioning and Support – Good cushioning and support are considered in a non-slip walking shoe for an elderly woman. Check to see if your walking shoe has enough cushioning to absorb shock and relieve stress on the feet, as well as a comfortable fit.

The outsole and midsole support will ensure that your feet and lower limbs are less stressed and that you are more comfortable.

Uppers – Many aging people suffer from foot abnormalities like bunions or hammertoes, bloated feet, or just frail feet. Therefore, the uppers must be mild on the feet and flexible, with a large toe box. Mesh and leather are good choices.

Footbed and Insole – Maximum cushioning in the footbed, insole, curved and supportive design are vital for comfort.

Midsole — The midsole should provide soft, shock-absorbing cushioning while being light.

Outsole – A sturdy rubber outsole with a larger lug design for slip resistance and traction is preferable.

Low Heels – A lower heel design improves balance and support for elderly age people while also lowering the danger of injury.

How to Choose the Best Elderly Age Non-Slip Walking Shoes

Walking shoes for elderly age people can be difficult to choose, but comfort is always the most important factor.

The Perfect Fit

It’s important to choose a shoe with greater toe room and a broader fit. When shopping for the best comfort shoes for the elderly, a good fit is a benefit for you if you have any foot problems or swelling. Consider a size with a thumbnail’s extra length between the toe and the shoe for added comfort.


As we get older, we can lose our sense of balance. Choosing shoes with stable qualities becomes increasingly important as we become older.

A heel cup, arch supports, a contoured footbed, and a supportive, well-balanced sole are the greatest stability elements to seek in non-slip walking shoes for the elderly.


A shoe with plenty of padding will safeguard our feet as we become older.

The impact of how our foot hits the ground, whether we’re walking or running, might produce additional aches and pains.

 Non-Slip Soles

With time, the elderly always run the danger of slipping on any floor surface. Choosing an excellent slip-resistant rubber sole will increase stability and reduce their chances of slipping.

  1. New Balance 680V6
Picture of grey color New Balance 680V6 shoes
Picture of grey color New Balance 680V6 shoes

The New Balance 680V6 is one of the greatest solutions for elderly people looking for the perfect walking shoes. The uppers are soft and flexible, making them suitable for hammertoes and other abnormalities. Wider widths and more color variations are also available. ABZORB shock absorption technology and an ACTEVA midsole cushion the sole. To wick away moisture, there is a soft and comfy NB insert and lining. The lug rubber outsole provides excellent traction and resistance to slides.

  • Hook and Loop Elderly Age Walking Shoe
Picture of black color Hook and Loop Senior’s Walking Shoe
Picture of black color Hook and Loop Senior’s Walking Shoe

The Propet Stability sneaker has an easy-to-close Hook & Loop strap for better balance. The upper is made of lightweight and comfortable breathable mesh and synthetic materials. For elderly age people who have trouble with laces, the Velcro strap closure is more convenient. A cushioned increased volume design insole system is found on the inside. If you want to use your orthotics, the footbed may be removed. The outsole is made of strong rubber with excellent traction. You can also select from several neutral color alternatives.

  • Sketchers Go Walk 5 Men and Women
Picture of blue color Sketchers Go Walk 5 men and women shoes
Picture of blue color Sketchers Go Walk 5 men and women shoes

Skechers is a well-known brand of comfy shoes for both young and elderly age people. These lightweight but supportive sneaker-type shoes have a comfortable pull-on approach. The smooth mesh uppers are almost completely seamless, so there are no stitched edges to irritate your feet. For elderly people, the Skechers GO Walk 5 is the perfect slip-on walking shoe.

The upper is made of a soft and breathable mesh that comes in a variety of colors and widths. The Air Cooled Goga Mat Insole on the inside provides good shock absorption and lightweight cushioning, while the High Rebound Comfort Pillar Technology and Ultra GO Cushioning in the midsole and insole provide excellent shock absorption and lightweight cushioning. The rubber of the shoe’s sole is durable and gives perfect stability to your feet.

  • New Balance 577 Men and Women
Picture of black color New Balance 577 men and women shoes
Picture of black color New Balance 577 men and women shoes

New Balance is a well-known brand that has been creating high-quality footwear for almost a century. These sneaker-style sneakers have a hook-and-loop fastening that makes them easy to adjust for a precise fit. They’re available for both men and women and are meant to provide lots of support and cushioning for your feet. The uppers are made of 100 percent real leather and come in a variety of neutral hues.

A padded insole and an ABZORB midsole are included. The outsole is made of rubber, which gives exceptional grip and traction. Velcro hook and loop closure on the shoe. With a Velcro clasp, this is a comfortable walking shoe for the elderly age.

  • Orthofeet Stretchable Women’s Walking Shoes

Alternative-style walking shoes for women are available from Orthofeet. They’re made to safeguard your feet from the pain produced by a variety of medical issues that develop as you become older. Sizes range from 5 to 12, with three widths (wide, extra-wide, and ordinary) and two colors (black and red) to choose from. These shoes have a hook-and-loop fastening and are typical Mary Jane-style shoes. For a customizable fit, the uppers of the shoes are made of leather and stretch fabric material.

Seamless linings have foam inserted to cushion the shoes, reducing pressure points and preventing friction blisters. The orthotic-style insoles feature many layers for comfort, provide support for the arches. These non-slip shoes have a lot of space inside and are made with extra depth. Moisture-wicking is provided via a polyurethane foam layer on top of the insoles that is also antibacterial. These items work together to keep your feet dry and odor-free.

Your sneakers come with a 60-day risk-free warranty. You can try them on and return them for a refund if you aren’t satisfied with the level of comfort they provide. They’re also covered by a 12-month warranty against workmanship and material faults.

  • Hush Puppies Women Walker
Picture of hush Puppies Women’s Power Walker shoes
Picture of hush Puppies Women’s Power Walker shoes

The Hush Puppies Power Walker, unlike many other walking shoes, combines style and performance. This amazing pair of sneakers doesn’t come at an expensive price tag. Shopping for these non-slip walking shoes can feel like an interminable task at times. These shoes are one of the best walking shoes for the elderly age if you’re retired and you want to be economical. They’re both inexpensive and great.

The heel height is around one inch, which is sufficient for persons who require typical arch support. The platform is around 12 inches wide, which is standard for most walking shoes. However, they’re perfect for every environment and you won’t have to worry about bringing an extra pair of socks with you. The detachable footbed makes maintenance easy, and it’s also quite comfy and provides ample stability on your treks.

The shock absorption is great, so if you’re going on a hike through rough terrain, these are the best shoes to wear. Their model also has laces for those who prefer not to use Velcro straps. This model of shoes comes in different colors and sizes.

  • Hush Puppies Men’s Gil Slip-On Shoes
Picture Of  Dark Brown color Hush Puppies Men's Gil Slip-On Shoes
Picture Of Dark Brown color Hush Puppies Men’s Gil Slip-On Shoes

This is known for its comfy shoes, and its collection includes models that are appropriate for elderly age people. The Gil is a pair of men’s slip-on shoes made of full-grain leather or suede. These shoes are casual enough for your regular wear while also being good enough for formal occasions wear. They’re adjustable and simple to put on and remove. The insole can be removed if you want to replace it as it wears out or if you want to use a bespoke orthotic.

A unique ZeroG material, which is ultra-lightweight and flexible, is used in the soles to give traction which keeps you on your feet. Getting the appropriate size might be difficult because people have different opinions.


  • Colorful leather or suede uppers
  • Convenient hook-and-loop closing
  • Patented lightweight flexible soles.
  • Supportive and cushioned.


• Sizing may be a little hit-or-miss.

  • Saucony Echelon 7
Picture of grey color Saucony Echelon 7 shoes
Picture of grey color Saucony Echelon 7 shoes

Walking, the best activity can turn into jogging if you’re already extremely active, that is if you’re an elderly age person. Alternatively, you may go to the gym once a week for some strength training. Therefore, it’s better to choose the best non-slip walking shoes for the elderly that can also be used for running or other forms of exercise. The Saucony Echelon 7 is a good example of this. Saucony is a well-known brand in the running market, featuring items for all sorts of runners. They designed the Echelon 7, a neutral walking/running shoe for persons with large feet and low arches, with this inclusion in mind.

In this regard, they’re designed to keep your heel pain at bay while you’re out for a light jog or a power walk. This is a durable, long-lasting sneaker that’s a terrific choice for folks who want to invest in their health. They’re wonderful for walking, not just on the treadmill. There’s no need to be concerned about breathability. They’re comprised of a superlight material that allows for plenty of airflows. Unfortunately, instead of a more practical strap, they’re only available with laces. They offer good support and stability.

  • Asics Gel Kahana 8 Men and Women
Picture of Asics Gel Kahana 8 men and women shoes
Picture of Asics Gel Kahana 8 men and women shoes

Because of its excellent comfort and protective qualities, I can also suggest the Asics Gel Kahan as an outdoor Trail walking and running shoe for older and weaker feet. Uppers made of textile and synthetic materials are lightweight and breathable. The Gel heel absorbs impact shock, and the DuoMax support system features a dual-density shock-absorbing midsole for additional lightweight support. SPEVA foam is also used in the midsole for bounce-back cushioning. For uphill and downhill walking on wet and slippery ground, the outsole is comprised of rubber with trail-specific reversed lugs.

Propet Wash N Wear Men and Women

Elderly Slip-On Walking Shoe

Picture Propet Wash N Wear men and women shoes
Picture Propet Wash N Wear men and women shoes

The Propet wash and wear is a comfortable, all-day walking sneaker that is simple to clean and maintain. The men’s leather uppers and the women’s textile uppers are both breathable and flexible. For added comfort, the toe box is wide and roomy. A sturdy and high-traction rubber outsole, a removable cushioned footbed, and a shock-absorbing midsole are all features of these shoes.


There are numerous options available when it comes to selecting the best walking shoes for aging people. You must select a style that is appropriate for you. This is one thing, with so many various styles of walking shoes to fit your style, but it’s also vital to note that style may mean sacrificing substance.

However, when you start looking for the correct walking shoes for orthopedic disorders or just want something a little more comfortable, it will make a huge impact on the quality of your life. The most essential thing to remember is that it’s all about comfort and finding the appropriate shoe for you. Each of these shoes has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but you will almost certainly find the perfect walking shoe for your needs.

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