10 Best Comfortable Toddlers Shoes For All Kinds Of Occasions 2023

Two toddlers sitting on wooden floor trying to wear shoes and one youth standing beside with them
Two toddlers sitting on a wooden floor trying to wear shoes and one youth standing beside with them

Parents should use toddler shoes that protect the children’s feet from potential falls while also helping the children learn to walk. In the event that toddlers wear shoes, DPMs recommend that they try to get into the habit of going barefoot as much as they can until they are 2 years old. This is to ensure that their feet develop properly.

Whether you need something to wear during the summer weather or want to wear something fun to your wardrobe, you may want to search for shoes suitable for your child. We looked at some of the many options that you may want to consider.

Based on the research, 10 Best Comfortable Toddlers Shoes For All Kinds Of Occasions Review

Toddler Adidas Grand Court Shoes

Although stylish, these shoes are also very well-constructed and versatile for the kiddos who love doing everything for themselves. They are lightweight, which ensures the kiddos’ running speed, and they have a cozy lining to keep their feet feeling cozy, and two straps that can be adjusted to fit toddlers’ growing feet.

  • Elastic bands
  • You can wear the versatile style for a variety of occasions
  • Stable design
  • The pull tab on the heel can help

Hoy Shoe Co Salt Water Sandals

For toddlers, finding a well-made, durable, and flexible sandal that’s also available in a rainbow of colors and a wide range of sizes is a very difficult challenge. This pair of original Hoy sandals is perfect for these kids because of their high-quality, flexible, and lightweight design. They also boast additional advantages you just can’t find in most sandals, including a rainbow of color options, a good size range, and a durable rubber sole.

  • Available in a wide range of colors and sizes
  • Custom-fit buckle
  • Velcro closures are easy to fasten and unfasten, which makes them a good choice. They help the wearer, as well as the clothes and the environment, by keeping out

Crocs Kids Classic Clog

Crocs are not generally thought of as water shoes. However, a shoe made from this material is much better suited for this purpose than other types of water shoes. The upper parts of this shoe are water-resistant and offer good breathability while the sole is completely non-slippery.

The shoes offered in this fashion are specially designed to appeal to kids, and they come in a huge assortment of colors and patterns. We especially love that the sole design is designed to prevent slips and falls.

  • Skid-resistant
  • The bacteria and odor resistant fabric
  • Light enough to float
  • Sizing online can be complicated

BirdRock Baby Mary Jane Moccasins

Dr. Mendeszoon said that for toddlers, it is recommended that their feet be bare as much as possible while the child is in a crawling position. At that time, they should wear shoes for the best possible foot development. The shoes have thin soles to protect small objects, but they are made to look like soft leather.

This shoe is so popular that it’s available in a variety of styles and colors. It’s made from leather, and it has a tight band that acts as a closure, providing traction while being quite versatile.

  • Very soft sole
  • Stretch around the ankle
  • Available in different colors and styles.
  • Sizing can be a bit tricky with toddler brands

UGG Classic Short II Water Resistant Genuine Leather Shearling Boot

The boots we chose for our list of the best are waterproof and warm, so we know they’re ideal for those who love to go outside and play in the snow.

Super light and very stable boots that kids will love because they can easily slip on and off. No laces mean these boots won’t be hard to put on and take off.

  • Water-resistant leather
  • Super cozy
  • Toddlers can put on and take off their clothes easily
  • They’re expensive for seasonal shoes.

Ainikas Toddler Slippers

Toddlers need slippers too, but there are things they can’t wear slippers in. That is, they can’t slip around in the shower or walk around without feeling safe and protected from harm, in the dark. They can’t keep themselves from falling, and not in one safe place; instead, they have to make sure that the safety of their feet is a priority of their safety. The slippers they wear can’t be slippery, they can’t be made of leather, and they don’t have to be cute.

  • Hard-wearing soles
  • Heel that is fully covered
  • An endless array of colors and animals to choose from
  • Even covered heel sneakers with a “non-slip” coating can trap dirt, and sometimes the soles of the foot slip.

Myekat Toddler Shoes

The shoes which are recommended for children are not so expensive and they are available in blue and pink varieties. These can be also taken off easily and the mesh material which covers the shoes is also very flexible and lightweight. A toe cap that provides protection and traction also protects the kids from slips and falls while they are running around on their own.

  • Budget-friendly price
  • Breathable mesh fabric for sportswear
  • Single Hook-and-Loop
  • The style is too tame

Native Jefferson Water Friendly Slip-On Vegan Sneaker

If there is a perfect summer shoe for toddlers, this shoe is the leading contender. It is super light. The Jefferson slip-on sneaker is made from breathable and water-resistant materials. These shoe floats are comfortable and offer a wide range of choices in colors.

  • Perforated design
  • Light, soft, and sturdy materials
  • Versatility
  • The slippers are more like a pair of sandals than footwear, and it is hard for them to easily be pulled on and off.


This set of brightly colored, low-heeled shoes is designed for babies, and we think that they’re simply adorable.

The sneakers are designed to provide support, stability, and traction, while at the same time making the wearer feel like he or she is walking barefoot. To do this, the sneakers come with a thick, non-slippery, cushioning sole. They also contain a built-in insole and odor-reducing material.

  • Machine-washable
  • Feel comfortable but also safe
  • Removable footbeds, that mold to your feet at different times of the day are a smart design, by Nike.
  • It’s expensive for toddler shoes

Washable Tippy Tot Shoes Classic Walkers

This shoe brand is known to people because of its high-quality products. One of their great strengths is that they are available in a range of different styles, so there is a good opportunity for people of all genders and ages to pick out the different styles they like the most. They are especially cute, comfortable, and very useful for very young children. They’re great for the whole family so there’s less of a chance that moms will be out of style. They will not hurt a baby’s feet like other footwear.

  • High-quality
  • Black-owned brand
  • Ensure your comfort
  • Laces need to be tied (for toddlers), which isn’t so ideal

How To Choose The Best Toddlers Shoes

Foot health is the best way to take care of your toes. To get a good idea of what they need, talk to your podiatrist, like Mark Mendezsoen. We looked at some options based on his advice. In the end, we chose the best shoes for toddlers.

What Features Need To Look At When Buying Toddlers’ Shoes


picture of toddler shoes size chart
Chart of Kids’ shoe sizes

Toddlers grow quickly, so it’s important to ensure that they wear the correct size when buying shoes. If you have a smaller toddler, they may grow out of their shoes quickly. However, if your toddler is already in the wider size of shoes, they may end up with bunions after a few years of wearing these larger shoes.


A child should not only have stylish shoes in his or her closet. They should also be easy to operate. Children should not know how to lace their shoes. Instead, Velcro is considered the superior type of closure. Additionally, shoes should be breathable and comfortable.

Always suggests to parents that don’t make their toddlers wear shoes with rigid or leather soles (unless it’s orthopedic shoes ordered by their pediatrician).

Natural Fitting

Children who are properly shoed should be fitted with shoes that are comfortable to wear and allow their feet to develop freely.

Season and Purpose

You’ll be sure to notice if your toddler is going to be using these shoes for school and for play. The shoes they’re using for formal events as well as for their everyday use will be entirely different.

Also, the shoes you buy for toddlers will differ in many ways, depending on where you live. Whether it is a pair of breathable summer shoes or protective winter boots, keep the seasons in mind when buying shoes for toddlers.


Always try to choose comfortable and soft shoes that allow your toddler to run around freely and have the best fit. When selecting shoes for your toddler, make sure that they are soft and comfortable, and that they will fit your child’s feet well, as their feet are extremely vulnerable and sensitive.


Is it OK for toddlers to wear used shoes?

It is generally not recommended for toddlers to wear used shoes, especially if they are worn out or have been worn by someone else before.

When shoes are worn, the materials can become compressed and lose their ability to provide adequate support and cushioning for the feet. This can cause discomfort and pain for the child, and can also lead to problems such as blisters, calluses, and even injuries. Additionally, worn shoes can also have a worn-out sole which could be less slip-resistant and could also cause tripping hazards.

Additionally, used shoes can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, which can cause foot infections, especially in children who are more susceptible to infections.

If you are looking for shoes for a toddler, it’s best to buy new shoes that are specifically designed for children’s feet. These shoes are made with materials that are more suitable for children’s feet and are designed to provide the support and protection that children need while they are growing.

It’s worth noting that buying new shoes can be expensive and it’s a good idea to shop around for good deals, but, it’s not recommended to use used shoes as they can be worn out, lack support, and also carry health risks.

Do toddlers need special shoes?

Toddlers do require special shoes as their feet are still developing and growing, and they need shoes that can provide the support and protection they need while they are learning to walk and run.

Toddler shoes should be flexible, lightweight, and have a non-slip sole. They should also have a wide and deep toe box to allow room for the child’s foot to grow, and should also have a snug fit to prevent the shoe from falling off.

It’s important to note that toddlers are still figuring out how to walk and run, so they need shoes that can help them to learn and develop the proper foot mechanics. That’s why shoes for toddlers should be specifically designed for children’s feet. They are made with materials that are more suitable for children’s feet and are designed to provide the support and protection that children need while they are growing.

Additionally, since toddlers are very active and are constantly on the move, it’s important to get shoes that are durable, easy to put on and take off and that can stand the wear and tear of everyday use. It’s also important to regularly check the fit of the shoes to ensure that they are not too tight or too loose, as children’s feet grow quickly.

In summary, toddlers do need special shoes that are specifically designed for children’s feet, that are flexible, lightweight, and have a non-slip sole, a wide and deep toe box, and a snug fit. They should be easy to put on and take off and can stand the wear and tear of everyday use. It’s important to regularly check the fit of the shoes as children’s feet grow quickly.

What type of shoes is best for toddlers?

The best type of shoes for toddlers are those that are specifically designed for children’s feet and provide the support and protection they need while they are learning to walk and run. Some key features to look for in toddler shoes include:

Some good options for toddler shoes include:

  • Sneakers: are a popular choice for toddlers, as they are flexible, lightweight, and have a non-slip sole.
  • Sandals: are also a good option for summer, as they allow the child’s foot to breathe and are easy to put on and take off.
  • Boots: are good for cold weather, as they provide warmth and protection for the child’s feet.

It’s worth noting that, the best shoe for a toddler is the one that fits well, is comfortable, and allows the child to walk and run naturally. It’s also important to consider the specific needs of the child, such as whether they will be walking on pavement or in the grass, and whether they will be playing inside or outside.

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